1. Atlas Watch

1.1. What is it?

Atlas is a web scanner, a software analyzing vulnerabilities with an intelligent crawl to detect all URLs even in JS/CSS files or avoid recurrences and a powerful and fast analysis, it can detect a lot of vulnerabilities in record time.

1.2. Why Atlas?

Atlas is the fastest web scanner in the world! It is very customisable, to analyze websites as you want, you also can download external plugins made by passionate developers... See our honest comparison with other famous scanners on YouTube here.

1.3. How can I use Atlas?

As Atlas is serverside, you can scan your website from any device, launch a scan which will work on our server to read the result later...

2. Community

2.1. How is Atlas focused on the community side?

We think that every scanner should be able to be completed by the community. There is a lot of new vulnerabilities discovered everyday on multiple templates and systems everywhere on the Internet, and maybe you would want to add your discoveries! You also can upvote plugins uploaded by users, search new scan options...

We also have a Discord server available here.

3. Prices

3.1. Why is it not free?

Atlas has a free version! But our decision was to make Atlas serverside for the good of all and to keep Atlas powerful, but we therefore need to maintain our servers. Our prices are approachable for individuals and enterprises. Take a look at our prices.